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Choosing a Mobile App Development Platform

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The unstoppable popularity of smartphones has brought about a parallel rise in the demand for mobile applications. If you're thinking of building one, first decide on a platform to use but make sure to make a few crucial considerations.

The Market

First off, know the market shares of the app development platforms available. For example, Google's Android has about 80% of the world's mobile users, while Apple's iOS only has about 14%. However, take note that certain countries prefer iOS, like the US, Australia and Japan, so you should also take that into account.


Demographics should also be considered when choosing a mobile development platform. Android devices are generally more affordable and are owned by users from an older age bracket, but because most Android apps are free, you can expect less engagement with them. On the other hand, iPhones are preferred by medium to higher income users who are generally younger and more inclined to spend money on mobile apps and other digital products.


According to studies, most iOS device owners like to explore different app categories when looking for a mobile app and also have more tendency to Download various types of apps. In contrast, Android users often download purely social apps.


Research reveals that iOS users have a higher conversion rate, which means they are more likely to pay for apps from their smartphones compared to Android users. This is obviously why iOS apps make more money than Android apps.


Costs are not the same for those who create different types of mobile apps. For example, when developing an Android app, you will have to write 40% more code, and this of course adds - about 30% or more - to the cost of app owners.


When it comes to customization, Android has a clear lead over iOS. Android developers are able to add more features and customizations, while iOS has more restrictions.

The Launch

Finally, if you're looking to launch your app easily, Android is surely the better choice. That's simply because it's so much easier to launch apps on Google Play compared to Apple's App Store, where the approval process is a lot more stringent.

Deciding to build an app for your business is a step in the right direction, but there are concrete considerations to be made before choosing your platform. This will help ensure the success of your app. Learn more and discover more on how to make an app.

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